Three Cheers for Employee Volunteers!

October 17, 2014

GETD Habitat Build Oct 2014aAt the OtterCares Foundation, encouraging volunteerism is a big part of what we do! In fact, in 2014 more than 600 employees from Otter Products and Blue Ocean Enterprises contributed almost 9,000 hours of volunteer time to nonprofits in their communities.

IMG_1161aThe volunteer projects that employees engage in vary widely: mentoring and tutoring in classrooms, serving on boards of directors, cleaning up trails and parks, building homes, and much more. And this work has an astounding impact on the communities where we live and work: the current value of a volunteer hour according to Independent Sector is approximately$22.55, meaning that our employee volunteers have invested more than $200,000 worth of time toward organizations that improve our world. Now that’s something to be excited about!IMG_6444a

What’s even better…many employee volunteers say they get as much out of the experience as they give. It’s fun and rewarding to team up with coworkers and do something to give back. We all have something to give and if we each pitch in just a little bit, we can make a huge difference! That’s a big part of why the OtterCares Foundation continues to encourage volunteerism and make it a cornerstone of our outreach efforts not just within the walls of our offices but in our surrounding communities too. We’ve all get a few extra hours to give… so how will you volunteer this year?