It’s a mouthful. And it’s the best way we know to grow confidence and build character in our future leaders. In turn, they create jobs, contribute to economic growth and develop innovative products and services that change everyday life for everyone.

Philanthropy — it’s not just for aristocrats anymore. Sure, it sounds like benefit balls and socialite luncheons, but anyone who gives time, talent or treasure is a philanthropist. And the younger students are when they learn about giving, the more it becomes a lifelong habit.

OtterCares offers financial donations through a number of competitive grant funds. These dollars are mostly allocated specifically toward programs that teach youth entrepreneurship and philanthropy. We are all about investing in communities where Otter Products has physical offices because these communities are where Otter employees work, live and play! We focus our giving in Northern Colorado (Weld and Larimer counties) and San Diego.

We are committed to investing in programs and projects that intentionally teach K-12 students entrepreneurship and/or philanthropy. Whether it is an afterschool program, a class program or a new program you want to implement in your nonprofit, we’re always excited to explore opportunities and chat about possibilities! Contact us to share your program or project idea!

At this time, we limit our geographic area of giving to Northern Colorado or San Diego. But if this ever changes, we’ll let you know!

We inspire students to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists who create lasting and impactful change in their communities!

At Otter Products, employees, or "Otters" as we're affectionately called, are encouraged to go out into our communities and make a difference! One of our Core Values is "Giving Back". That is why every single Otter - from intern to CEO - is given 18 to 24 hours of paid time off to volunteer with schools and nonprofits in our communities. Reach out to us at info@ottercares.org and let us know how we can help!

The NoCO Fund is our our community events fund that provides sponsorships for charitable events that take place in Northern Colorado. If you ever have a fundraiser in our region (Weld or Larimer counties), the NoCO fund is a great resource for potential funding. You can learn more about all of our grant programs at http://www.ottercares.org/grants/

The Happenings

Join us as we Ignite Tomorrow Today by educating and inspiring youth to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists! To get news and happenings about the OtterCares Foundation, sign up here!