This is how you crash a meeting!

February 17, 2014

IMG_5364In December, a group of Otters broke in to a meeting at Laurene Edmondson Elementary and intentionally started spreading Christmas cheer by delivering unexpected, but much needed, gifts.  Executive Director Gary Rogers and Community Advocate Tricia Lemmer of OtterCares were meeting with Principal Trish Malik, superintendent Dr. Stan Scheer, and other Thompson School District employees when a band of Otters interrupted with great news for the school.

Ms. Malik was in the middle of describing the schools conversion to a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) focus and the challenges that come with converting the entire school.  One challenge cited by Ms. Malik was not having enough iPads and how the teachers and staff were currently sharing iPads recently purchased by the school’s Parent Teacher Association.  Just as she was describing plans to raise more money to purchase additional devices for student learning, a team of Otters (employees from OtterBox and Blue Ocean) crashed the meeting carrying beautifully wrapped presents for the school.  Inside the wrapped boxes were 25 iPads protected by OtterBox Defender cases.

OtterCares Ornament 2013

The iPads were made possible by a collaborative fundraising effort known as the Not-So-Ordinary Ornament Campaign.  The campaign, initiated two years ago by OtterCares, raises funds to support innovative education by offering limited edition Christmas ornaments to OtterBox and Blue Ocean employees. The proceeds from these ornaments are utilized to provide iPads to an unsuspecting elementary school in Northern Colorado.  In 2012 the school was Centennial Elementary in Greeley and in 2013 it was Edmondson Elementary in Loveland.  We can’t wait to see what school it will be in 2014!