The Ripple Effect…

November 05, 2010

A single stone dropped into still water creates a large ripple effect that spreads far beyond the initial drop. Attempting to create a similar effect in the Northern Colorado community, employees of OtterBox, each acted as symbolic stones yesterday as they visited more than 45 local non-profit organizations, hand delivering donations to celebrate the official launch of the OtterCares Foundation.

Donation DeliveryWhen Nancy Richardson, OtterCares Founder and President, first dreamed of starting a charitable foundation she wanted to create something that had a lasting positive impact on both the surrounding community and OtterBox employees. With this “ripple effect” launch project titled the “Get It, Grow It, Give It Challenge,” the foundation is off to a great start.

The “G3 Challenge” was simple enough. First, each employee received a $200 grant certificate to bestow upon the charity of their choice. Employees were challenged to grow this gift in some way such as raising additional funds, matching the donation with a personal contribution, collecting needed items or even volunteering their time to the organization.

A total of 73 local and national organizations will be receiving donations as part of this initiative and over $74,000 was donated jointly by the OtterCares Foundation and employees of OtterBox.

“OtterCares is about encouraging OtterBox employees to join together, get involved in the community in which we live and work in and give back,” Richardson said. “That’s why this employee giving project was such an integral part of the launch. It gave each employee a chance to donate to an organization that means something to them personally.”

Make A Wish FoundationOne organization that received support from a group of 26 employees through the “G3 Challenge” is the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado. Pooling their donations and raising additional funds, these OtterBox employees are helping to sponsor the wish of a local youth cancer patient who aspires to become a film maker. This donation will go far beyond the “G3 Challenge” as employees provide the needed equipment, resources and support to make this wish come true.

“When you drop a stone into water the ripple lasts long after the first splash,” Richardson said. “That’s what we’re trying to achieve with OtterCares – a profound and lasting impact on the community as well as OtterBox employees.”