The "Get It, Grow It, Give It Challenge"

October 14, 2010

In celebration of the public launch of OtterCares, we’re excited to announce a three-week long employee giving project aimed at engaging our employees in the foundation and in our surrounding community. Here’s how it works:

GET IT: On October 12, all employees were awarded a $200 grant certificate to bestow upon the charity of their choice.

GROW IT:  For the next three weeks, employees are challenged to grow this donation in any way they can whether it be through a personal match, collecting outside donations for the organization, offering a commitment of time, or even hosting an event to raise extra money and/or goods for the organization of the employee’s choice.

GIVE IT: At the end of the project employees will hand-deliver donation checks and any personal additions raised to local non-profit organizations.

Check back after November 5 for challenge results!