The 2014 G3 Challenge Spotlight: Poudre School District puts the Extra in Extraordinary

June 25, 2015

G3A large part of what makes OtterCares successful is the compassion of Otter Products employees.  Otter Products employee are always ready to demonstrate their dedication and enthusiasm to work hard, play hard and, most importantly, give back. OtterCares’ annual G3 (Get It, Grow It, Give It) Challenge  is just one opportunity where Otter Products employees have a chance to flex their philanthropy muscles and work hard to raise funds to help organizations in our communities. Each year, these enthusiastic and selfless individuals take time to use their talents to raise money that will support and strengthen nonprofit organizations in Northern Colorado, San Diego and Boston; and each year, Otter Products employees go above and beyond expectations and demonstrate the power of people who have big hearts working together for a wonderful cause.

Last year’s G3 Challenge was no different. In the Spring of 2014, Otter Products employees took on the G3 Challenge to raise funds for 11 different nonprofit organizations in Northern Colorado, Boston and San Diego that focused on OtterCares’ mission and vision. One of these amazing organizations was Poudre School District (PSD), a school district located in Fort Collins, Colo., which serves approximately 27,000 students and includes 50 schools, making it the fifth largest school district in Colorado. At the end of 2014 G3 Challenge, OtterCares awarded PSD with funds to use towards the improvement and enhancement of projects and programs that would continue to benefit and inspire students in the District.

Administrators at PSD took OtterCares’ mission of championing innovative education that inspires youth to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists to heart, and used the G3 grant money to fund six projects at five secondary schools. The District used the grant as an opportunity to challenge and inspire students to apply entrepreneurial and philanthropic skills and application in their education.

At Fort Collins High School, students created and executed the Innovation Challenge: Shark Tank Edition, which encourage high school students to create their own businesses and pitch them for a cash prize ( In addition, Fort Collins High School’s junior and senior Career and Technical Education students built 3D printers for Boltz Middle School and Shepardson Elementary using another 3D Form Lab printer, showing that anyone can use their time, talent and treasure to give back to others in their communities.

One Million Lights Project

Preston Middle School used G3 funds for the continual work on their One Million Lights project, a project that is dedicated to engineering sustainable light sources for those who do not have reliable access to electricity. Students learned the meticulous process of building circuit boards as well as experienced the joy and pride associated with helping others in need (more information about the One Million Lights project can be found here:

Fossil Ridge High School took innovative education a different direction with students applying G3 funds to the development of a mobile app that they are working to bring to market, combining their innovative ideas with entrepreneurial opportunities. We are excited to see their app come to market!

Rocky Mountain High School students also learned more about the obstacles and triumphs of being an entrepreneur when they design and implemented their Coffee Café project. Having to learn and work closely with Health Department and PSD regulations on food and facilities, students learned how to effectively plan and develop business plans with food safety and regulations in place as well incorporate food safety best practices and procedures into the daily management of the Coffee Cart. (

Lastly, Poudre High School’s culinary students found a way to demonstrate their passion for not only cooking, but also for business. With the help of funds provided by the G3 Challenge, students learned how to develop and implement a successful fundraising campaign with money raised to purchase a new Food Truck. The skills and experiences gained during the planning and development process helped to reinforce the importance of proper and effective planning, perseverance and dedication students must have when being entrepreneurs in any field (

OtterCares is extremely proud of the innovative approach to education that administrators and students at Poudre School District have taken with the utilization of G3 dollars and we are in awe of what these students have accomplished in such a short amount of time. These students are a perfect example of what OtterCares is focused on supporting, championing and defending – inspired minds that have the capability of changing the world.  We congratulate all of the students and schools in Poudre School District for embracing and embodying what it means to be true entrepreneurs and philanthropists. We cannot wait to see your continued impacts in your communities and in the world!