Students know the alphabet, but do they know the 3 T’s?

April 19, 2017


Philanthropy is a big word. Most adults have problems pronouncing the word! Can you imagine your students not only pronouncing the word correctly but understanding its meaning and believe that THEY can be philanthropists? It’s possible! Our philanthropy education curriculum, Project Heart, teaches students writing and vocabulary all while empowering them to become lifelong givers who have the power to change the world! We help students learn that anyone can be a philanthropists if they use their 3 T’s – time, talent or treasure – to help others in need.

When kids learn that they can make a difference by using tools and skills they already have, they light up! Teaching philanthropy engages students in a truly meaningful and empowering way. And teaching philanthropy to students isn’t just a good deed. Teaching students social and emotional learning can improve academic scores: one study from the American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology found that students who have been in a directed Social Emotional Learning program can increase their scores on standardized tests by up to 11%.

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Success Story:   In the spring 2015, students at Bethke Elementary in Fort Collins participated in an after-school Project Heart club.  After learning about the principals and practices of philanthropy, the group volunteered time at Respite Care; where they toured the facility, played with kids in the gym, and gathered a better understanding of the nonprofit organization that serves children with disabilities.