Reading is FUNdamental!

December 08, 2014

One of the easiest and most fun ways our employees get out in the community and volunteer is by reading with students at local schools. This fall, several OtterBox employees (and our very own OtterCares Foundation Executive Director, Gary) participated in Read-A-Thon volunteer events at three different elementary schools- Putnam and Irish elementaries in Fort Collins, Colorado and Centennial Elementary in Greeley, Colorado!

Gary Centennial Read A Thon NovReading aloud to students creates numerous educational benefits and also helps foster a love of literature among students. In fact, a report from Education World notes,¬†“From being read to repeatedly, children learn that reading is enjoyable, that pictures provide clues to the story, that books and print go from left to right, that print represents words and meaning, that stories have a beginning and an end. By listening, watching, and asking questions, they add to their vocabulary and increase their comprehension.”

The experience is also fun and beneficial for our volunteers. OtterBox volunteer Whitney said, “I had an absolute BLAST this morning reading with the kiddos!!” This easy and fun volunteer opportunity creates a huge positive impact and classrooms are always on the lookout for community volunteer to come read to their students. So what are you waiting for? Contact your local school district TODAY to find out how you can help!