Project with a Heart

February 27, 2013

The kids at Lopez Elementary really know how to show their heart. One day after Valentine’s Day, the 4th grade students hosted a fantastic luncheon at their school. The luncheon was part of a Hearts for Respite project and provided the backdrop to present a check to Respite Care for over $5,000.

The 4th grade students sent letters with hearts attached asking for support from the entire Lopez community. The hearts were returned decorated with a donation. Additional funds were raised by selling handmade bracelets, and by securing monetary gifts from OtterCares and Mr. Joe Harris.

For several weeks students were educated about philanthropy and how to make a difference by applying the 3 T’s – time, talent, or treasures. The teachers challenged their classes to find something they could make and sell, eventually donating the “profits” to a charity.

The 4th graders considered several ideas and collectively decided to make and sell bracelets and donate their profits to Respite Care. Through this project these kids learned about the meaning of philanthropy, and then lived it – teaching us that everyone can make a difference.

They say kids are our future. If so, it seems like our future is pretty bright.