Pack2School 2017 – Another year of helping students prepare for a great school year!

August 15, 2017

This year’s Pack2School event was our 6th year of hosting this much anticipated community event where students from the Poudre School District receive school supplies, encouragement and the message that they can truly change the world if they set their minds to making it happen. And just as in year’s past, Pack2School was a HUGE success! This year, nearly 260 Otter and Blue Ocean employees volunteered over 800 hours to help provide school supplies and encouragement to over 2,000 PSD students! We appreciate all of the time and passion that went into this year’s event!

In the six incredible years that we’ve been planning, coordinating and running Pack2School, we’ve provided over 12,000 Poudre School District students with the tools, resources and encouragement they need to prepare them for the current school year. Isn’t that amazing?! Over 12,000 students have received more than just supplies – they’ve participated in interactive activities where they learned how to give back, identified the goals they want to accomplish for the year and how to think and act like an entrepreneur. These students have met with some of our partner programs like Pretty Brainy and the Young Entrepreneurs Tournament to learn about opportunities outside of school where they can engage in fun and educational activities that tap into their entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirits. Students and over 1,200 Otter Products and Blue Ocean employees connected in a fun and inspirational setting where countless smiles and high fives were exchanged. It has been an AWESOME six years!

Pack2School is an important event for the OtterCares team. Months of planning and logisitics go into pulling of this one-day event where close to 6,000 people participate throughout the day. While not easy, the event is always worth it! Why? Pack2School is about more than just backpacks – it is about inspiration. When a student receives their schools supplies, their entire demeanor changes. They stand a little taller, smile a little wider and there’s a bounce to their step. They’re prepared to start their school year on the right foot – and they have hundreds of people who they don’t know, cheering them on and wishing them success. Pack2School means more than just supplies to their parents or guardians. Pack2School offers a sense of relief to most parents who are experiencing some challenges and need a hand up. The event offers a space where their kids can get equipped for school, get exposed to entrepreneurial and philanthropic concepts in a fun and interactive way and see that an entire community is behind them and their academic success.

We’re so grateful for the Otter Products and Blue Ocean employees who helped to make this year’s event amazing!

Good luck to all of students!

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