Our Project Heart Curriculum – Enhanced and Available Now!

November 04, 2016

ProjectHeartThe OtterCares Foundation is proud and excited to announce the relaunch of our Project Heart philanthropy education curriculum!

The Project Heart curriculum provides teachers with materials, lesson plans and resources to educate students on the fundamentals of philanthropy. Successfully beta testing in over 50 classrooms in Northern Colorado, Project Heart has received positive reception from teachers, administrators and students.

Working with two teachers, the OtterCares Foundation created an in-class instructional curriculum, specifically designed for fourth and fifth grade. Following the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework and State Common Core Standards, Project Heart teaches students vocabulary, writing and literacy while focusing on the importance of giving back. Project Heart helps students understand that no matter their age, background or ability, anyone can be a philanthropists and make a difference.

giving“We are inspired to create lasting change, and one of the best ways to create lasting change is through education,” said The OtterCares Foundation’s Executive Director, Gary Rogers. “Philanthropy is an important pillar in our company, so we feel compelled to help students learn about philanthropy – not just about giving money, but giving of their time and their talent. One of our goals is for students to be exposed to philanthropic education at every grade level. By the time students graduate it will be normal and natural for them to be philanthropic. Our dream is that Project Heart will help students become life-long givers who really do change the world.”

The Project Heart curriculum has helped hundreds of students better understand the act of philanthropy. The experience provides students with opportunities to participate in a variety of service learning projects that have directly benefited communities.

“There is so much benefit to our society and communities in having our children understand they can be powerful and helpful and make a difference,” said Crystal Reed, a teacher at Cottonwood Plains Elementary. “The program is not hard to organize and put together, and the students were engaged because it was something new and different to learn about and be a part of.”

To learn more about Project Heart and adopt it into your school or classroom, click here!