Otters help clean exhibits at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery!

September 23, 2016

Otters enjoy helping kids learn about innovation – whether it be through one-on-one mentorship or help028a0890ing a whole class learn about innovation, we want kids to learn their ideas matter. And in fact, those learning opportunities don’t just happen in classrooms. The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery (FCMoD) is all about experiential learning opportunities that teach kids how to be innovative in a fun and interactive environment. And all of that learning and hands-on activity can make those exhibits a little dusty! That is where our Otter volunteers come in. We proudly partner with the FCMoD to help clean their exhibits on a regular basis. From interactive rivers to innovation stations, Otters dust, mop, sweep and straighten up exhibit areas, making the Museum ready for the next wave of students eager to learn and explore!

“Our community partners are important,” said Michael Allison, director of development for the FCMoD. “Otter Products makes our community special because they are people who are willing to do more than just work. They really do give of themselves and have a shared ownership in our community. As a nonprofit, we don’t always have the resources to make things happen. Our limited resources can make even something that seems simple, like cleaning exhibits, a challenge. Otter volunteers help us create a fresh, clean space for students to learn, discover and, most importantly, have fun!”

We’re excited that we can contribute to such a great community partner! Learn more about the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and go check out their fun exhibits!

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