Otter Products employees help San Diego students start the new school year off right

September 24, 2015

IMG_5570Employees at Otter Products are pretty awesome. They’re incredibly smart, hardworking, dedicated and passionate people who put they’re all into whatever task or project they are working on. Not only are Otters impressively industrious, they’re also incredibly caring individuals with big hearts and a commitment to helping make our communities better places. Otter employees use their volunteer time in a variety of ways to help community schools and nonprofits. Whether it is helping at an animal sanctuary or mentoring students, giving back is an important characteristic of Otter Products employees.

Otters in all of our office are committed to giving back. Recently, a group of employees at the Otter Products office in San Diego put their passion and dedication towards helping students start their school year off right by packing backpacks with school supplies. Over 20 Otter employees volunteered to fill 50 backpacks with basic schools supplies, such as pencils, erasers and notebooks, all donated by OtterCares. These backpacks were then delivered to students in the SAY San Diego after school program at Ibarra Elementary.

Eight Otter employees volunteered to help deliver the backpacks and engaged in activities with the students to foster entrepreneurial/innovative thinking as well as the philanthropic spirit. To help make the delivery even more exciting, Ollie the Otter was there to interact with the students and make the event extremely special.

OtterCares would like to thank all of the Otter employee volunteers who helped make the school year better for these students!

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