Otter Products & Blue Ocean Enterprises Employees Flex their Philanthropic Muscles for Innovative Education!

August 19, 2016

g3logo1-with-companiescropedThe annual employee fundraising event is an important part of our companies’ commitment to creating lasting and impactful change in our communities. Since the OtterCares Foundation’s creation, Otter Products and Blue Ocean employees have participated in our annual Get It, Grow It, Give It (G3) Challenge, helping to provide grants to schools and nonprofits to further the mission and vision of OtterCares. This year, Otter Products and Blue Ocean Enterprises employees donated over $100,000 to raise money for our Innovation Station Fund! Best of all, OtterCares matched $100,000, making more than $200,000 available in grant dollars for schools and nonprofits in Northern Colorado and San Diego to create Innovation Station for their students to learn, innovate and explore.

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of Otter and Blue Ocean, we are currently accepting applications for our Innovation Station Fund! If you’re a teacher, or know a teacher, that would like more information about our Innovation Station Fund and how to apply, click here for all the details!