Otter Employees Celebrate Make a Difference Day

October 25, 2011

Always looking for new, exciting opportunities to give back in our community, Otter employees celebrated this year’s Make a Difference Day on October 21st &22nd with a project at the Children’s Speech and Reading Center in Fort Collins. CSRC is a non-profit that provides professional and affordable diagnostic and treatment services to children with speech, language or reading delays. It is Northern Colorado’s only non-profit speech-language therapy clinic. Through sliding scale fee subsidies and grant support, the services are provided to over 300 families each year, regardless of their financial position.

OtterBox employees assisted CSRC with a “fall cleaning” project, helping to clean and sanitize the hundreds of toys that clinic patients use and play with during their treatment.

CSRC was also a recipient of an OtterCares grant earlier this year, receiving support for their Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices to help children without speech or with non-functional speech find a means for communication. The grant provided iPad devices, software and of course OtterBox cases for use at the clinic.

“The project went really well. We finished everything they had on their list and more,” said OtterBox employee Stacey Gustafson, who coordinated the Make a Difference Day project. “They were very happy and couldn’t be more thankful for the iPads!”