OtterCares Ambassadors: Our Key to Success

February 13, 2013

What has two arms, two legs and amazing super powers? An OtterCares Ambassador of course!

Started in 2012, the OtterCares Ambassador program provides an avenue for OtterBox employees to get more involved with the work of the foundation. This savvy group of about 50 volunteers represents each department in the company and provides invaluable assistance to the OtterCares staff by serving as liaisons between the foundation and their departments.  They promote and plan volunteer opportunities for their colleagues and work to spread the mission of OtterCares.

A 2012 and 2013 OtterCares Ambassador, Kiley from our IT & Strategic Projects departments loves the works she does. She says, “Having the ability to add being an OtterCares Ambassador into my regular job is more than I could ask for. I love setting up volunteer opportunities for my co-workers, especially when they come back and talk about what a great experience they had!”

Being an OtterCares Ambassador is also a valuable leadership opportunity for those employees who are looking to learn more about non-profits and get more involved in the community. Ambassadors are engaged in foundation activities by serving on event planning committees and helping to staff events.

Randy from the Distribution Center, also a 2012 & 2013 OtterCares Ambassador says “This program and this organization have done much more for me than I have in return, and to that I am very blessed.”

The staff of OtterCares feels equally blessed to work with our great team of Ambassadors. Their passion, dedication and efforts are an integral part of making OtterCares great.