OtterCares Ambassador Spotlight – Meet Annelise!

March 14, 2019

Name: Annelise I.

Department: Industrial Design

Why did you become an OtterCares Ambassador: 

For the opportunity to empower others!

Who or what has influenced your volunteer work (why do you volunteer?):

I think that helping others gives life purpose.

Describe a volunteer activity you have been involved in that relates to the OtterCares purpose statement

Olander Elementary 3rd graders do a business plan project every year. It’s so inspiring to see young minds at work, wanting to use business to make the world a happier, better place.

Describe your favorite volunteer activity (either one time or ongoing):

My favorite VTO day so far was at the WOLF sanctuary. We got to help build WOLF habitats and spend a beautiful day outside with the majestic creatures.

Why do you think the OtterCares purpose is important?

True impact lies in bringing others with you. The impact is substantial when we are able to do this as a company.