OtterCares Ambassador Spotlight – Meet Allison!

March 22, 2019

Name: Allison

Department: San Diego, New Markets-Executive Admin.

Why did you become an OtterCares Ambassador?: I became an OtterCares Ambassador because I want to be a part of inspiring the San Diego office to truly give back.

Who or what has influenced your volunteer work (why do you volunteer?): My late grandma influenced my volunteer work.  She was always spending time with the homeless and praying with those left behind in hospitals and she showed me at a young age that even if you don’t have money to share, you can always share your heart.

Describe a volunteer activity you have been involved in that relates to the OtterCares purpose statement:  A volunteer activity that I’ve been involved in that relates to the OtterCares purpose statement is, reading books to children at the YMCA at their after school program.

Describe your favorite volunteer activity (either one time or ongoing): My favorite volunteer activity is working with the homeless.

Why do you think the OtterCares purpose is important?:  I think the OtterCares purpose is important because by showing children a different way to think in regards to giving back, we are helping them change the world.