Local teacher nominated for the 2016 Safety Educator of the Year!

September 21, 2016

Scott Burke, a local math teacher from Loveland High School, has been nominated for the 2016 Safety Educator of the Year Award! OtterCares has had the privilege of working with Scott for the past five years, providing grant funds and volunteer support for two incredible programs that he helped create – Geometry in Construction (GIC) and Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship and Design (AMPED). Throughout these two programs, Scott has exposed hundreds of students to innovation and entrepreneurship while teaching students how to apply critical thinking using math, science and design in real-world settings.

The Safety Educator of the Year Award recognizes educators that are dedicated to preparing students for the future while helping students recognize and manage workplace hazards they could encounter throughout their desired careers.  Working in an environment with hand-tools and industrial machinery, safety is key to ensuring students are successful! Scott is committed to providing protection to his students through hands-on safety measures as well as creating a safe and encouraging environment for students to learn, grow and explore.

OtterCares and Otter Products are proud to recognize, partner with and support teachers who inspire students through innovative education. We want to empower students to create lasting change in our communities through entrepreneurship and philanthropy – we recognize teacher excellence in the classroom and are grateful for the dedication and passion teachers have for inspiring kids to change the world!

Congratulations Scott, on being nominated for this incredible award!

Want to help support Scott’s nomination? Learn more at http://bit.ly/2cHaQLJ.

And don’t forget to vote at http://bit.ly/2cHazs7.  Voting ends October 7!