Investing in the Future – It’s What We Do!

March 01, 2016

We believe that one young and inspired mind can change the world! And we want to tell you all about it!

The OtterCares Foundation champions innovative education that inspires youth to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists who make lasting and impactful change in their communities.

This means we are committed to support and investing in programs and projects that help students learn that their ideas matter and that they can make a difference! Why? Because we know that by inspiring and encouraging students to think outside of the box, showing students how they can make a difference and supporting their ideas, there is no limit to what new products they can invent, services they will develop and the number of lives they will change.

Learn more about where we are investing our time, talent and treasure to inspire and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropists!

Do you know of a program or project that is inspiring tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and philanthropists? Let us know!