Impact Grant Spotlight: Wildlands Restoration Volunteer’s Youth and Inclusiveness Program!

October 31, 2016

Here in Colorado, we’re pretty serious about the outdoors. Whether it’s through skiing, camping, fishing or hiking, most Coloradoans not only enjoy being outdoors but are also committed to keeping it beautiful. Thankfully, we have wonderful organizations like Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WLRV) who are committed to teaching the importance of restoring and caring for these natural areas while helping students gain valuable tools for restoring and protecting wild lands.

What is cool about WRLV is that they recognize that kids have the power and ability to learn how to be good stewards of our wilderness, using their time and talents to make a difference in our community! Through their Youth and Inclusiveness Program, WLRV created a service learning education and leadership development program that provides students with hands-on learning opportunities to gain a better understanding of restoration projects while honing their leadership skills. And the results have been amazing! Students in the Youth and Inclusiveness Program have been instrumental in local restoration projects along the Big Thompson River to help repair and restore lost biodiversity during flooding Northern Colorado experienced last year.

Amy Gage, the Community Relations Coordinator for WLRV, was incredibly happy with the success of the program. “We have had a GREAT season thus far, and are continuing to engage youth in meaningful ways.”

The Youth and Inclusiveness program also engages with other outdoor programs to collaborate on restoration projects and teaching youth how to donate their time and talents to improve natural areas through planting and restoration projects.

The Youth and Inclusiveness program is a great example of using service learning to meet a need that benefits a community! Learn more about WRLV and see some highlights from the Youth and Inclusiveness program!