Giving and Receiving

December 11, 2012

“Givers” are big “receivers.” People who engage in a philanthropic effort, such as, helping a neighbor rake leaves, volunteering to read books to school children or buying food for the local food bank, quickly discover that the value of what they receive – a “thank you,” a conversation of how much their effort will help, a shy grateful smile – is much greater than what they gave.

We at OtterCares are fortunate and thankful to witness and hear touching stories like these every day. This Christmas, we encourage all of you to try it. Try being a “giver” of anything of any size to anyone or anything and then wait, for just a moment. Wait, as you become the “receiver” of the amazing feeling of purpose and hope that will suddenly wash over you from your act of kindness. “Receiver,” let that feeling soak in and become a part of you. Then share your experience of being a “giver” and “receiver” with your children, your family, your friends, your co-workers and your community. Begin to make it a habit and always remember that everyone always has something to give.

A Christmas Wish
OtterCares exists because of the amazing generosity of OtterBox and its employees. Collectively, we look for ways to support innovative education and we work hard, every day, to achieve our mission of educating and empowering youth in our community. Collectively, we wish for the basic needs of children to be met everywhere and, collectively, we wish you the continued joy of making an impact on your community.

Merry Christmas from your OtterCares team!!