Geometry in Construction

November 19, 2014

How many teenagers can claim that they have built a house from the ground up? For Geometry in Construction 2nearly 150 students at Loveland High School each year, they can not only list this impressive feat on their résumés, but they can also note that their efforts had a philanthropic focus.

By participating in the Geometry in Construction class at LHS, students receive a profoundly unique learning and giving experience.

The merging of geometry and construction instruction allows students to apply their math lessons with carpentry skills, resulting in a new home that is built and donated to a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The modular-style home is constructed by students on-site at Loveland High School and under the guidance of teachers and industry professionals. The recipient family of the house, selected by Habitat for Humanity based on income qualifications, contributes their own time to the building process by working alongside the students. By developing a relationship with the recipient family during construction, Geometry in Constructionthe students have an elevated desire to complete the project with care, pride and compassion.

Developed by two Loveland High School teachers in the early 2000’s, Geometry in Construction has impacted countless students and community members over the years, with many students going on to pursue advanced studies and careers in the fields that Geometry in Construction addresses. Additionally, the Loveland-Berthoud community continues to benefit from new, safe and affordable housing options available for residents in need, with the 9th home presently being built. The Geometry in Construction model is also being replicated across the United States, with over 100 schools adopting the contextual curriculum and project-based approach to student learning.

As an Impact Fund grant recipient, the Geometry in Construction program at Loveland High School represents the educational and philanthropic experience that the OtterCares Foundation believes will inspire students to become change-makers in the world.