G3 Challenge Brings Out the Egg-Heads in Employees!

December 28, 2016

Employees at Otter Products and Blue Ocean Enterprises are pretty unique – they work hard, they play hard and they are incredibly generous. During this year’s employee fundraising campaign, our Get It, Grow It, Give It (G3) Challenge, employees stretched their philanthropic muscles and gave generously to our Innovation Station fund. Thanks to their generosity, over $100,000 was raised to help champion and support innovative education that will inspire students to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Not only did employees raise money, they also were challenged to be innovative themselves. Otter Products and Blue Ocean Enterprises is all about innovation – it is what makes these two organizations thrive. So it was only natural that we challenged employees to participate in our first-ever Egghead Challenge! If you think back to elementary school, we learned physics by participating in an egg drop contest, remember? You were given materials to construct a contraption that would protect your egg from a drop from a specific height. This was a similar task!
We gave each department at Otter Products and Blue Ocean Enterprises a sack of materials such as tape, pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks and instructed them to use innovation to construct a contraption that would protect their team’s egg from annihilation. Each team was given one hour to create their idea before competing in the egg drop.

It is a lot of fun to watch kids participate int his exercise – watching adults strain to come up with their idea is even more hilarious!

At the end of the hour, each team’s representative ascending to the building’s patio for their fateful drop. Using a target that was drawn on the pavement below, the drop was judged on three categories:

1. Innovation

2. Proximity to the bulls-eye

3. Survival of the egg
Each egg drop contraption was unique and well designed – but some performed better than others! Actually, out of the 20 teams, only ONE egg didn’t break! The team with the winning drop had the distinct honor of being crowned 2016 Egg Heads and received bragging rights for one year.

Despite the yolks that stained the ground below, Otter Products and Blue Ocean employees had a blast participating in a fun competition to celebrate the end of the G3 Challenge and to celebrate our commitment to innovation.