Future Philanthropists In Training

October 20, 2014

Give Next – A Youth Philanthropy Program

Time. Talent. Treasure.

What do these three ‘T’ words have in common? For many, when a person shares their Give Next Group Pic 1time, talent or treasure, they are acting in a philanthropic way.

In Larimer County, over 200 teenagers are receiving this message and are immersing themselves in the charitable world through their participation in the Give Next program.

Give Next is a school-based initiative of United Way of Larimer County that provides 10 middle and high school classes with service-learning activities, guest presentations and site visits to nonprofit organizations so that students can be educated and inspired to engage philanthropically in the community. Give Next involves students in academic practice that translates to real-world problem solving around causes that the youth are passionate about. Each class also receives $5,000 to award mini-grants to local nonprofit agencies that align with their class’s particular philanthropic focus.

The grant making process is student-led and cumulates at the end of the year with a check presentation ceremony. At these celebrations, students often have the opportunity to share with attendees the many lessons they have learned about leadership, teamwork and giving back to others. As one former participant revealed, “I learned that giving back is one of the most important things. I feel grateful that I am able to give without expecting anything back in return.”

Since 2012, the OtterCares Foundation has proudly supported the philanthropic learning experience of Give Next students through our Impact Fund. In the current academic year, the OtterCares Foundation will also be matching funds that students fundraise through their own entrepreneurial efforts.