Customer Service Team Brings Volunteering On Site

February 16, 2015

CS Flashcards Feb15At Otter Products, we believe there’s no such thing as being “too busy to volunteer.” Even if you have trouble finding the time to get away from your desk, there are all kinds of volunteer projects that can be done right at the office! This week, approximately 40 volunteers from our customer service department are volunteering nearly 100 hours creating alphabet flashcards to be donated to local nonprofit organizations that serve youth. This fun project allows employees to express their creativity while also creating something that will help young people in our community learn!CS Flashcards Feb15_3

Since the customer service department has to keep our phone lines staffed to serve customers, it’s difficult to have volunteer projects that involve a large number of people at once. This project is perfect because small groups of employees can volunteer for short two-hour shifts throughout the week.

CS Flashcards Feb15_4OtterCares Ambassador Julie said the team chose this project because it was an easy and fun way to get a large number of people in the department involved. The hope is that by encouraging volunteerism on site, employees will enjoy the experience and be more inclined to keep volunteering both for company sponsored projects and on their own time! After the flashcards are complete, the department will organize a trip to hand deliver them to the recipients so that volunteers can see the impact of their work!

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes… Thanks to our customer service department for showing us one fun way to get creative and adaptable when it comes to giving back!