Bethke Elementary Shows that Kids Can Make a Difference

July 07, 2014

Students at Poudre School District’s Bethke Elementary took part in a year-long effort to learn how the use of technolStudents using iPads to create claymation moviesogy can improve our world. As an OtterCares Impact Fund recipient, the school developed a curriculum encouraging students to use technology
equipment and supplies to earn tech skill badges. The students’ year of learning all lead up to the school’s spring fundraiser, Kids Can Make a Difference, benefiting Library for All.

Here are a few of the innovative projects these students
accomplished this year…

  • Produced claymation movies with iPads
  • Constructed promotional t-shirts using a hot press
  • Recorded podcasts and radio advertising spots
  • Designed posters to promote the fundraising event using an oversized printer
  • Filmed documentaries using microphones and iPads
  • Developed digital art galleries by utilizing the paint function on iPads
  • Promoted digitally edited photography using social media
  • Programmed and monetized video games to support their fundraising effort
  • Devised creative ideas to demonstrate their knowledge of electronics
  • Performed music from the ’80s using iPad instruments

With over 2,000 attendees, the Kids Can Make a Difference Festival raised nearly $2,700 to benefit Library for All, a Students painting with an iPadnonprofit organization with a mission to provide books to children in developing countries. Bethke’s technology teacher, Brad Flickinger said, “It was just incredible for the kids to realize the monies raised by their efforts will go a long way. Those dollars will buy a lot of books. The funds raised will help 36 different schools that Library for All services.” Many kids at these schools would normally not have any books at all.

The students, faculty and staff at Bethke Elementary have proven that young and inspired minds can change the world. They have transformed today’s students into the next generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropists.