Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Ingrid!

December 08, 2016

161007_ingrid_350x3502Name: Ingrid

Department: Marketing – Creative team

Why did you become an OtterCares Ambassador: I became an ambassador because I’m determined to get the sales and marketing teams more involved and using more VTO.

Who or what has influenced your volunteer work (why do you volunteer?): My usual answer is, “I just like to help.” But the real reason I volunteer is back when I was 16 my family fell apart. My siblings and I all went to different places. It was my best friend’s family who took me in. I lived with them for two years so I could finish high school. It’s because of them I got to lead a normal life. I’m so thankful for them and still wonder what possessed them to take in an extra kid. Ever since then, I volunteer and help out when the opportunity arises.

Describe a volunteer activity you have been involved in that relates to the OtterCares purpose statement: Way back for the first G3, the creative team pooled our donation and gave it to HalfMoon Arts. It’s a group that helps at-risk kids learn tools and skills for coping through the arts. I then signed up for their board and was on it for two years and I’ve been helping them with events ever since.

Describe your favorite volunteer activity (either one time or ongoing): I like helping out at fundraisers like fun runs, golf tournaments, art shows, silent auctions and performances.

Why do you think the OtterCares purpose is important?: I think it provides a unique opportunity for kids and gives them a different view of the world. From my experience growing up, I learned the hard way that I was the one person I could count on and it was up to me to make my life what I want it to be. What OtterCares teaches helps kids see that they can do whatever they put their mind to, that it’s up to them, that they can be good and do good.