A House is Made of Walls and Beams; a Home is Made of Love and Dreams

October 18, 2012

We are happy to announce that we have comfortably settled into our new home. July marked the first month the OtterCares team was under the same roof; sharing the same four walls. Move in day was an exciting day as we marveled over the detailed characteristics of our cozy, restored Old Town home at 401 W. Oak St.

Front EnteranceFor the last two years, since the launch of the OtterCares Foundation in 2010, our small but mighty staff has worked in separate offices, meeting in scattered OtterBox conference rooms or whatever free space we could find. Through the growth and success of our programs, we learned that in order to be as efficient and agile as we want to be, we needed an office that we could all call home.

Today, we are together in one place. We are able to lean over the desk to ask each other questions, strategize together and make quick decisions through impromptu meetings. To us, this is more than just the OtterCares’ house—it’s a place where our dreams for the foundation can continue to grow and become a reality.

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