2015 G3 Challenge: Have a Heart for Innovation

April 29, 2015

Innovation StationWe believe one young and inspired mind can change the world, so we’re raising money to help schools and nonprofits build innovation stations that will inspire young minds and help them become tomorrow’s innovators and business leaders.

The Get It, Grow It, Give It Challenge (G3) is a unique fundraising event that engages the employees of Otter Products and Blue Ocean Enterprises. For this year’s G3 Challenge, we’re raising money to help local schools and nonprofits build Innovation Stations equipped with innovative, hands-on learning tools for students to invent, explore and create! For more information on the fundraising campaign visit https://www.coloradogives.org/OCHeart4Innovation.

Are you a school or nonprofit that would LOVE to have an Innovation Station? Visit http://www.ottercares.org/innovation-station-fund/ for more information and to apply foran Innovation Station grant!G3