2014 Family Volunteer Day

August 28, 2014

IMG_1898aJust because school is out in the summer time doesn’t mean Otter Kids don’t stay busy giving back to the community! This summer, more than 40 Otters and Otter Kids participated in our Family Volunteer Day! Here at the OtterCares Foundation, we don’t just believe in talking about teaching philanthropy. We put our thoughts and beliefs into action by encouraging employees to bring their kids along to volunteer!

IMG_1850aOur hardworking volunteers planted over 3,000 plant plugs at Springer Natural Area in Fort Collins to help restore an area previously disrupted by construction. Everyone had fun getting their hands dirty and learning about the importance of volunteer work to keeping these natural areas beautiful for generations to come!

By encouraging families to volunteer together, the OtterCares Foundation is helping to inspire the next generation of philanthropists. We encourage those of you with little ones at home to get out and volunteer. Create a habit of giving back that will last a lifetime!

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