S2:E9 - Learn More About NoCO IgnitED!

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At OtterCares, we love to invest in ideas that have the power to transform young people and unleash the maker, doer and giver inside each and every student. But this transformation cannot be made alone. That is why we are eager to tap into the passions and talents of educators who are cultivating tomorrow's change-makers using hands-on and innovative approaches to learning. We not only seek to partner with these likeminded educators, we want to help create more educators to transform even more students! We're partnering with MindSpark Learning to kick off our inaugural NoCO IgnitED event! This event is designed to bring together educators, business leaders and community members to discover ways to not only prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow but to help cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit in young people, setting them up to be the innovators, problem-solvers and world-changers who will transform our communities and world for the better. Check it out!