S1:E7 Empathy Blog Series Finale - Chat with Sarah!

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Our Impact and Education Director, Sarah, wrote an amazing series focused on a book by Dr. Michelle Borba called, "Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About- Me World." The framework that Dr. Borba shares in this page-turner aligns beautifully with our belief that empathy is life-long practice and that it is something that requires intentional reinforcement in school, home and in our community. We love this book SO much and see a beautiful synergy between teaching and cultivating empathy and what we're striving to cultivate in young people through Project Heart! We dug into Dr. Borba’s framework and discussed what these habits mean to us, how they connect to Project Heart and provide some fun tips and tools on how you can put these habits into action. In this Episode of the OtterCares Podcast, we talk about the series as a whole and focus our discussion around why teaching empathy is so important. Check it out!