IgnitED Payroll Deduction Form

Support the mission of OtterCares by making a tax-deductible donation to the Innovation Station Fund!

OtterCares match donations, and in January each year the funds are awarded as grants to schools and nonprofits in Northern Colorado to build hands-on learning spaces for students. The annual IgnitED campaign takes place each year in November, but employees who miss this campaign can enroll anytime. Re-enrollment is required each year and you will receive a reminder notification during the annual campaign asking if you want to re-enroll for the upcoming year. 

For participating employees, payroll donations will be deducted 24 times per year. This is from two paychecks each month; any month with three pay periods will not have a donation deduction on the 3rd paycheck.

To sign-up, fill out the form below. You will receive an email confirmation following submission. If you terminate your enrollment, you are not eligible for re-enrollment within the same calendar year. Employees who wish to modify or remove their contribution after submission should contact payroll@otterproducts.com. Contact linda.crum@ottercares.org with questions about the campaign.